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The LightArray Project

From the movie Tron:Legacy

A few years ago as I had just started tinkering with Arduinos, I watched the dazzling movie Tron:Legacy. It’s not a grade “A” movie but the visuals are unbelievable. The idea of using an Arduino to create something that could capture someone’s fascination like the effects in the movie popped into my head. I forgot about the idea for a awhile but then recently stumbled across the TLC5940 chip that makes using large numbers of PWM outputs a breeze (read “Dimmable LED controller” if you’re unfamiliar). I created an Arduino powered array of 32 individually dimmable LEDs to display light shows. I put the display inside a picture frame and now it’s a constant source of intrigue. In this post I’ll share both how I made the device and the code LightArray runs so you can build one yourself.

But first a demo:

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